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De Driesprong (The Triple Jump)

The ruler in this story brimming with black humour has no time for dreams. The protagonist, King Wurm, outlaws all that is fantastic and wonderful in his realm and denies artists their creative rights. The people rise up against the tyrant and King Wurm loses his head. But his brain is rescued, and he is fitted out with a new and highly ingenious robotic body.
The film is based on the surrealist story of the same name by Dutch writer Belcampo, a future fantasy full of medical curiosities, fusing dream and reality.

Sjeng Schupp made the animations and the music is by Michiel van Dijk and Jeroen Kimman. The animations are combined with found footage films from Michael Helmerhorst’s own film archive.
Directors: Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk
Animation: Sjeng Schupp
Score: Michiel van Dijk, Jeroen Kimman
Found Footage / advice: Michael Helmerhorst
Sound: Leo Knikman, Jeroen Kimman, Michiel van Dijk
Musicians: Jeroen Kimman / guitar, pedal steel guitar, Michiel van Dijk / reeds, Hans van der Meer / drums, Sjeng Schupp / bass


Watch here the trailer De Driesprong (Triple Jump)

About Vinex Productions
Vinex Productions was founded in 2002 by Sjeng Schupp and Michiel Van Dijk. Together they produce absurdistic music animations.
Schupp is responsible for the drawing and van Dijk composes the music.
The combination of animation film and music reaches a surprisingly intimate fusion in the hands of Schupp and Van Dijk.
Since the foundation of Vinex Production Sjeng and Michiel produced 23 short independent animation films, which had worldwide screenings, and 5 multi-media theatre productions.